In massage therapy, draping is simply covering the client’s body so the individual feels comfortable and secure on the massage table throughout each massage session.

This is one of the most common questions that people have before attending their first appointment. You can receive your massage fully clothed, with clothing completely removed, or any combination that makes you comfortable. You dress to fit your own comfort level. Throughout the entire massage you will have your body draped (covered with a blanket/sheet) except the area receiving massage treament.

Absolutely not. After the massage therapist shows you how to position yourself on the massage table, they will leave the room and allow plenty of time for you to adjust your clothing to your preference and  get comfortable. Prior to re-entering the room, the massage therapist will knock on the door to ensure the client is ready to begin the massage session.

The type of massage you get depends on your goals. We will discuss the best massages and other therapy techniques in order to achieve your individual goals.

A Nutritionist can help with a variety of diet and lifestyle related concerns. Maybe you just want to find a diet that is conducive to the goals that you have set for yourself. Or maybe you’re curious about the new medication you are on and want to make sure it isn’t depleting any of your precious nutrients.

Here are just a few of the many things a nutritionist can assist with:

  • Healthy Weight Management
  • Helping track and increase nutrients that without could be causing you pain, or a variety of symptoms
  • Assisting in decreasing inflammation in the body
  • Finding a diet that best fits your needs
  • Providing cooking and meal planning resources
  • Providing information on nutrient/drug interactions
  • Moving toward an overall balanced and nourished lifestyle
  • Finding the right stretches and movement routines
  • Mindful eating techniques
  • Combating cravings with healthier options, while getting to the root of why you might be craving what you do
  • Individual food stories and how they shape the way you look at food
  • And many more!

Contact me today, and let me help you reach your individual goals.

The “Initial Nutrition Consultation” is a roughly one and a half hour first appointment with Michaela Handke, MScN. At that appointment you fill out the intake paperwork, and she gains a variety of information from you to tailor a personalized nutrition plan to your current needs. Some of the topics that may come up are, what your typical diet looks like, how much stress you have, if you are getting any exercise as well as many other things. As always if you have any questions or concerns before scheduling, or attending your first appointment she is happy to speak with you.

The follow-up appointment is any appointment after the initial consultation. At that point the Nutritionist has gained all the intake information and now the goal is to continue to modify your nutrition plan as needed, discuss additional goals, monitor progress, and continue to provide you with necessary information and resources.