Each of the massage services work toward the primary goal of the majority of massage disciplines – the relaxation of muscles in order to relieve tension and / or adhesions of the muscles. By getting the muscles to relax even slightly, the positive effects of the massage services begin to appear.  Massage has the ability to decrease stress. Stress can promote disease, make people look older and weaken immune systems. Massage services may improve mental outlook, reinforce positive attitudes, promote relaxed states of mental alertness, enhance calm and creative thinking.

Massage also can:

  • Increase Range of Motion (ROM)
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Improve Posture
  • Improve Sleep
  • Increase Blood Circulation
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Increase Energy
  • Promote Easier Breathing
  • Relieve Headaches
  • Strengthen the Immune System
  • Improve Concentration

Intake Forms

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